Why We Love Dirty Underwear!

On this week’s podcast, panty-peddler, Lacey Bloom, joins Jess to talk about her experience selling used underwear online. What makes it so exciting and how can used underwear help to destigmatize sexual taboos? They also chat about wild requests, bodily discharge, personal kinks and finding pleasure in the mundane.

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We also sat down with Sofia Gray rep, Zak Callen, to get to know the brand a little better. Check out their Q&A below!

1. Why did you launch Sofia Gray?

Sofia Gray was started by a group of young entrepreneurs, who had a real interest in the adult industry. They saw that a safe and secure, well designed, quality marketplace did not exist for used underwear. Hence, Sofia Gray was born.

2. Who uses Sofia Gray – on the buying and selling side? 

The demographics are pretty clear cut, the majority of our sellers are female 18-35 and the majority of our buyers are male 25-45.

3. Why would someone want to buy used panties? 

There are several reasons why someone would want to buy used underwear:

a) It’s a kink. Several buyers are turned on the by smell, feel and sometimes even taste of used underwear, which means buying such an item is a no-brainer to them.

b) The sellers. Some buyers have a real connection or infatuation with certain sellers, so much so that they want and sometimes feel they need to buy underwear from this person, to feel close to them or even support them.

c) For you. Buyers also enjoy the idea of the underwear being worn for them. A lot of the time, sellers will take custom requests where they’ll wear specific pairs of underwear a specific way for a specific buyer. It makes the whole experience very personal.

I think the reason each buyer actually purchases underwear is unique to them, the above is just a general overview.

4. How much does the average pair trade for?

The average pair ranges from $20-50.

5. Are there any strategies that tend to garner top dollar (e.g. wearing the panties for a specific period of time, sharing personal stories or pics)?

The best way to gain good traction selling underwear is by creating a quality profile and being social. A quality profile consists of a descriptive bio, high quality images, several items for sale with an array of different styles, scents, colours etc., different price points for items, listing new items regularly, interacting with buyers and so much more. A lot of people think this a “get rich quick” scheme, but you are essentially starting your own business, you have to put the effort in.

6. Can you share a few of the most unusual (titillating) requests you’ve received from buyers?

I think the most unusual request that we receive fairly regularly is underwear that’s been defecated in. Of course this is something that is strictly prohibited on the site for hygienic and shipping reasons.

7. If you’re curious about selling, but feel reticent due to social stigma, what advice or support do you offer?

If this makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, it really isn’t the industry for you. Selling your underwear is intended to make you feel liberated, sexy and empowered, if you’re embarrassed, it’s clearly not something you should be dabbling in. That being said, if anonymity is your issue, you can remain completely anonymous while selling your underwear, you don’t have to use your real name or show pictures of your face.

8. Do folks of all genders sell/buy on your site or is it primarily men buying from women?

Generally it is men buying from women, however, we get people of all genders and orientations using the site as both buyers and sellers.


Be sure to listen to the podcast and let us know if selling or buying used panties appeals to you.



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