“What made you want to start a swinger’s site?” A question we get at each event we attend. Honestly, Dave and I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into with taking on such a project. 

Dave’s background is with digital marketing and information technology, and I have no experience in that world whatsoever. We both found the swinging lifestyle to be a great addition to our already satisfying marriage. The only thing we did not like about the lifestyle was the lifestyle websites. As we met more friends in our journey into consensual non-monogamy, the more we heard that others shared our dislike for the lifestyle website options. One day we had a great idea! We decided to develop a new option for our fellow swingers, and that is how the idea of how Double Date Nation was born. A lot of time goes into building a site from nothing. I have a new respect for non-template websites. It took nearly a year to fine-tune the actual creation and development for our fancy new swinger site. In my mind, it was ready to set sail like a new ocean liner! Nope, not even close. 

Now you have to test all of those little features that you created and make sure that everything works as it should. Let me tell you; this is impossible to do. Our next step was Beta testing, where we asked several of our personal friends to make a profile and play around on the site. So the restructuring and bug repairs begin. You can tell how ‘techy’ I am by how I call it ‘bug repairs.’ 

After the beta testing, we were ready for a full launch. So, in a nutshell, this is how our dream of starting a swinger’s website began. Many hours of color selections, security testing, font sizes has paid off. I call it our ‘labor of love’ as it has been a bit more work than we expected, but the journey, much like the lifestyle itself, has been amazing. 

A few months ago, we decided to begin a YouTube channel to complement Double Date Nation and give people an inside glimpse of who we are. We wanted to give people a chance to see that we are not some fancy corporation or team of investors. We are just your average couple in the lifestyle that is silly and as real as our members. 

We want to provide the members of the lifestyle community a safe place to congregate with confidence that their information is secure, the members are real, and the management team is only a click away. We want your experiences to be the best possible!