Where Do I Find Good Advice about Non-Monogamy?

Double Date Nation - Where Do I Find Good Advice about Non-Monogamy?The world of swinging or open marriage or consensual non-monogamy has evolved so much over the past five years. There are bloggers, influencers, podcasters, just to name a few that have inspired those contemplating the lifestyle. 

Everybody is looking for something to enhance their life, and the lifestyle is no different. There is no ‘one size fits all’ answer for the best place to get advice for the swinging lifestyle. Give a few a try and see who resonates with your vision and personality. These outlets don’t necessarily offer advice but share their personal stories that you can draw your conclusions from. It is nice to hear a perspective from another that has been in a precarious situation. These stories can often help you NOT to get into the same precarious situation! Podcasts are typically entertaining and full of personal stories and perspectives. Some are raunchier than others, so there is a full menu to choose whose style you prefer. 

Bloggers tend to be very informative and fact-based. People that blog have a special talent for writing, so this is a great way to gain perspective on the lifestyle quietly.  If you prefer reading over listening to podcasts, this is right up your alley. Many people listen to lifestyle podcasts on their way to work, when they have increased privacy. The content in the podcasts is likely not something you would want to share with your coworkers, depending on where you work! 

Owners of events and lifestyle influencers are becoming more involved in taking part in the feedback of experiences or sharing stories. Sometimes it is comforting to hear somebody else’s perspective or specific scenario before you experience it firsthand. Jumping into the lifestyle or even discussion of having an open relationship is a lot to consider. It is nice to have a ‘friend’ who can share a personal experience with you. Even if it is a review of their experience at a specific club or lifestyle resort, it gives you a bit of a vision inside before you ever walk through the doors. 

Walking into the unknown can feel like an inescapable abyss of sensory overload! Many of the podcasters do interact with their followers and have communities set up specifically for their followers to interact privately and share stories, pictures, etc. We Gotta Thing podcast has a community like this. It is very private, and many of the patrons have made lifelong friends and playmates with the group. They host events regularly all over, bringing the members together for a long weekend. There is no expectation of play or pressure within this group. It is comprised of all ages, races, educational background, etc. I would describe it as a melting pot of people of like-mindedness that use the community as a safe place to let their freak flag fly a bit!

Nothing can fully prepare you for jumping into the swinging lifestyle, but following bloggers or podcasters is helpful. It can give you something to talk about!


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