What to Expect at a Lifestyle Club

Double Date Nation - What to Expect at a Lifestyle ClubSwinger clubs are not a crazed field of orgies and porn scenes. Now, are there sexual acts that you can find? Probably. Do you have to take part? Not. If you are new to the swinging lifestyle, these are likely questions you ask yourself. You can expect dancing and drinking. Most of these clubs are BYOB, where you bring your own liquor and the club provides mixers etc. Booze is great and can be considered liquid courage. However, it can also play against you. Too much drinking can lead to bad decisions and even worse, whiskey dick. Nobody likes a sloppy drunk; it is not sexy. Moderate your drinking, especially if it is your first time attending a lifestyle club. 

Most clubs require a membership or a pre-application process before you attend. Be sure to check the guidelines beforehand, or you might find yourself standing outside of a club without the proper approval. Applying for entry is typically a sensible process; the clubs want to verify you are who you say you are to keep the other members safe. With reputable clubs, your information is safe and secure. Check reviews of clubs and ask around before attending. 

What do you plan to do once you get there? Discuss boundaries before you ever step foot inside of a lifestyle club. Be open about what you are looking for and are comfortable with doing. Some items to discuss are- Do you play together? Or separate? Are you comfortable with kissing others? Or dancing with others? Maybe you are just going to watch? Open communication is important upfront rather than after the fact. Lack of proper discussion can end up in a tragedy!

Theme nights are popular with clubs. However, don’t let this stress you out! Back in the day, when we first started going to our local club, I worried that if I weren’t perfectly in themed attire, I would be laughed out. This is not the case. Now don’t get me wrong theme nights are a lot of fun. Many people participate in the themes but many do not. If you find yourself planning to go to a club and you don’t have the time or resources to get into costume for that theme night, pull something sexy out of your closet and go for it. This shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. You will see it all, from sexy cocktail dresses, costumes, down to barely-there lingerie. Wear what makes you comfortable. Guys typically wear dress pants and a button-down type of shirt. Some clubs are strict about denim, so make sure to check that out. Avoid wearing flip flops, t-shirts and present yourself professionally, and you will be golden. My hubby avoids wearing a sport coat because it gets hot and then you have to keep up with it. The nicer clubs have lockers that allow you to change once you get to the club. Many people are not able to wear their club costume in the Uber! Don’t overthink it, let your hair down and have fun!


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