Understanding Compersion vs. Jealousy in an Open Relationship

Double Date Nation - Understanding Compersion vs. Jealousy in an Open RelationshipCompersion is the opposite of jealousyDescribed as an empathetic erotic feeling experienced when your partner enjoys sexual play with another person.  Compersion can be experienced many different ways. Whether you play together or separately, the joy you experience when the person you love experiences sexual satisfaction from another person can often be described as the most powerful type of love. This takes you to a new and intense level of trust and intimacy. Society is very judgmental on most types of swinging or partner swapping. Most people remain discreet and somewhat ashamed of these choices. Choosing to be in the lifestyle offers a new opportunity to be aroused by true fantasy rather than feeling the need to keep fantasies suppressed. It may take some time to figure out how to meet people to play with, but they are out there. Creating a profile on a lifestyle dating site like Double Date Nation is a great place to start. 

Compersion also allows bi-curiosity to be explored. Many people have a drive or even just a curiosity toward the same sex. An open relationship allows for the exploration of these curiosities. Many couples begin with bisexual play and soft swap, before moving to a full swap lifestyle. You can still be emotionally monogamous while choosing to be intimate with others. 

Often compersion is fulfilled in a hotwife scenario. A Hotwife is a woman that desires to have sex with another man while her husband watches or is somehow aware if they are not in the same place. For example, I know of a couple that the wife travels weekly. She will often meet a potential playmate on her work trip and communicate with her husband that she is interested in this person sexually. The husband is fully aware of her intent and then they talk about the details later while the husband masturbates. 

Another hotwife scenario would be when the wife plays with another man while her partner sits in the same room and watches. This can fulfill fantasies of both the voyeur and exhibitionist in each other. 

There is no right or wrong way to be a hotwife. As long as you and your partner are secure and content with this type of play, the fantasy potential is boundless. The swinging lifestyle offers many different approaches. Some people are only soft play, meaning no penetration outside of their partner. Some people are full swap but only in the same room. And others may be full swap, separate play. As long as your relationship is strong and you keep open communication at the forefront of your relationship, and open relationship can be one of the most exciting things you experience as a couple. Maintaining physical play only, without emotions, can be exhilarating and increase the spark in your private playtime. 


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