A Rant About Micro-Cheating

This is a six minute quickie! And it’s a bit of a rant about micro-cheating. From deep-liking to chatting with an ex, what behaviours are considered cheating? And how do you deal with a partner whose behaviour is making you uncomfortable?

P91 – Naughty In Nawlins 2019

Hey friends, It’s that time of the year again when all the podcasters talk about Naughty In Nawlins! We wanted to try something a little different and so we’ve taken an interview between us and combined it with street music, performers, random people, NI...

The Margin of Error in the Lifestyle-Keep it Realistic

In my opinion, we should all have well-defined boundaries. Despite having discussed several scenarios and experiences with our partner, unforeseeable events can and likely, will arise. For instance, close friends of mine have a ‘no kissing’ rule. They do engage in full swap, but they do not kiss other people...

Ep. 002 – Respect!

A discussion about "Respect" in the Swinger Lifestyle. We also touch on the topics of Rules/Boundaries between couples, the double standard of consent, and our play style.

60: Ep 60 – Steak + Tequila

The esteemed hosts of the podcast Getting Into the Swing of Things with Steak and Tequila stop by for a super fun chat! They share some tips and tricks on meeting people as well as how they balance their work and life with meeting other sexy people and l...

38 Sex Questions Answered

It’s our 100th episode! We’re answering rapid-fire questions on everything from jealousy, uneven breasts, and birth control to penis flavours, positions and sex toys. Tune in and keep the questions coming. - Sex Questions Answered: Rapid Fire Round