The Worst (and Best) moments of Podcast A Palooza 2021

What is Podcast-A-Palooza? It’s a 3 night full swinging lifestyle hotel takeover touring around various cities in the USA. We break down the top 8 WORST and BEST things about attending Podcast-A-Palooza in Miami May 2021.

Curious what went wrong and what went right? Attending and running a swinging hotel takeover event is tough work & we wanted to lift the skirt, spill the tea on what it’s like at a Podcast-A-Palooza events.

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Mentioned in this episode 

  • WeGottaThing
  • Casual Swinger
  • Swinging Outside The Lines
  • Black N Kinky Lifestyle 
  • 2 Hot Wives
  • Average Swingers
  • Sapphic Swingers 
  • Torrid Souls 
  • Monogamish Marriage Blog 
  • Expansive Connection Relationship Coaching 
  • Livin’ The Suite Life
  • Naughty Gym

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We are a swinging lifestyle podcast, we talk about sex, being a hotwife and non-monogamy, please ensure you are of legal age to be listening to our sexy stories.

If you’re interested in learning more about the swinging and hotwifing lifestyle join us on our sexy swinger hotwife podcast. We share information our personal experiences and journey, swinger event, swinging dating sites, reviews for swingers resorts and more.


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