SU SHOW 16: OnlyFans 101 |Interview with Kate Maxx

In keeping with the theme of our last show, Swinging in a Virtual World, we wanted to dive into the seductive world of OnlyFans. Not only is it extremely sexy to be a subscriber (yes we subscribe to other’s OnlyFans accounts!), if you are looking for an out-of-the-box way to spice things up AND make some extra money – this may be an episode you want to listen to! Later in the show we invite a special guest who really is one of the pioneers of OnlyFans – Kate Maxx! She has been on the platform for the last 3 years and was the one who encouraged and helped us make the shift over to a more sex friendly platform after Patreon disabled our account. She shares some of her advice for people interested in subscribing to an OnlyFans page and what you can expect as a subscriber. She also reveals some of her tips and tricks for creators – she’s in the top 1.3% so trust me when I say she knows what she is talking about! Lastly, she opens up about how Onlyfans has helped sex workers (strippers, porn stars etc.) adapt to the current world pandemic. Hopefully by the end you are encouraged to give OnlyFans a whirl as a subscriber OR a creator! AND DON’T FORGET – LISTEN TO THE END TO HEAR OUR ANNOUNCEMENT!!!


Bio: I am a model, actor, on air personality, feature exotic dancer, MC, host, seductress all around entertainer. When I’m not performing you can find me traveling around the world in unconventional ways. I’ve a very sexual being I love to explore and express that in many forms. My specialty is dance, having trained and competed for many years I’ve learned own to translate the grace beauty of classical dance to the adult world. My art is seduction. Whether it be in person, on stage or online. I love the idea of touring giving my online fans a chance to catch one of my shows live I’m always happy to give away merch to anyone who comes to see my show. I have posters, magnets, key chains, lighters more available in my online store. I’m constantly working on new merch for my fans. And for all you social media lovers, I do offer a premium Snapchat so you can follow me on my daily adventures. Let me whisk you away to my world where fantasy is reality behaving is only a suggestion.
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