SU SHOW 15: We are Swinging in a Virtual World

🎵We are Swinging in a virtual world🎵 At least a lot of us are during these times! From dating sites, to Facebook groups and even virtual parties…with the current situation worldwide a lot of non-monogamists have switched over to the virtual world. We have released a show about this in the past, but obviously this time things are a bit different, so we wanted to talk about it! There are countless of dating sites that tailor themselves to non-monogamous individuals and couples. We wanted to share some of the websites, apps, and social platforms you can use for getting your swing on, online. We also wanted to reveal our online tips and tricks that really improve your likelihood of meeting someone great online. Virtual lifestyle parties have been making a big impact in the community during these times and can be a great way for you to get out there without having to get out. We’ve attended a few and want to talk about our experience and a few things that worked well for us. Now, let’s dive into the new world of virtual swinging!


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About The SU Show: Are you curious to know what a consensual non monogamous relationship looks like? Did you know more people are discovering these types of relationships everyday? Interested to know if it’s for you?

The Sex Uninterrupted Show with Taara and James brings this topic to the forefront of the conversation as they open up and share what alternative love looks like for them. Join this young, funny, sexy couple as they share what they know, interview awesome guests and bring a fresh perspective to relationships, sex and dating. Learn more, get support and have fun as you discover the concept of relationship by design. Tune in to live to Sex Uninterrupted every second Wednesday on YouTube or any podacasting platform!


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