SU SHOW 05: She Has Herpes & She’s Zero Percent Ashamed

Herpes, cold sores, HSV, whatever you call it is not something to be ashamed about. Having a positive diagnosis does not mean your sex life is over and it also doesn’t mean you should stop practicing non monogamy. The emotionally traumatizing part many people face that do test positive is the stigma people have about it. Our special guest today, Samia Mounts, is a dear friend, accomplished singer, actor, voice actor, and writer. She has written about the topics of polyamory, open relationships, and sexuality for seven years and is also now sharing her herpes story. She is passionate about shedding the ridiculous social stigma of herpes and HSV and wants to people to know that living a happy, healthy, fulfilling sex life is more than possible when you’re positive. As many as 1 in 2 American adults have oral herpes and an estimated 1 in 8 Americans adults have genital herpes. With numbers like that we really need to start educating ourselves rather than pointing fingers, slut shaming and sticking our heads in the sand! Open your mind and tune in today!

Samia Mounts
Bio: Samia Mounts is an accomplished singer, actor, voice actor, and writer, newly based in Colorado Springs after spending 12 years hustling it out in New York City. She’s been writing on the topic of polyamory, open relationships, and sexuality for the last seven years, with pieces features in the Huffington Post and Refinery29, and she’s now a regular contributor to the blog at, as well as a Top Writer in Relationships on Medium. As a vocalist, Samia has graced stages all over the country, including NYC’s acclaimed Brooklyn Bowl and BAM, NOLA’s Tipitina’s French Quarter and the Blue Nile, the San Francisco Opera, and the Los Angeles Opera. You may have heard her speaking voice on commercials for, Bud Light Lime-a-rita, and LG, among others, and she’s voiced characters in numerous animations and video games, including Pokemon, Modern Combat 4, and Smite. Samia’s young adult novel, Frunk the Skunk, about an 11-year-old who upcycles found items into beautiful sculptures, was published in 2008. You can find her original music, released under artist name Samia XI, at Samia moved to Colorado in late 2019 with her husband, a guitarist currently shredding in a US Army Band, but she regularly travels to NYC to work on innovative new theater projects. More at
Instagram: @samia.mounts
Twitter: @samia_mounts
Facebook: @samiamountswriter


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