SU SHOW 01: Are You Lifestyle? Are you Poly? What’s The Difference?

Has this been you before? You’re in the lifestyle, having a great time, meeting great people and BOOM! You REALLY connect with someone (or another couple)! Like REALLY connect with them! Suddenly you don’t know if this is the Lifestyle anymore. Suddenly you don’t know where you fit in. Or where your partner fits in. Or where this new person fits in… So this week we invited Lady K onto our show to discuss this path that many Lifestylers find themselves on. Because we got news for you, this is pretty much what is happening to us right now! We have been dating a single woman for about a year now and want to ensure we practicing healthy, sane, safe and consensual practices while in this new and exciting relationship! Lady K opens up about her experiences with Polyamory in her relationship and explains what it means to her. We go on to share our past experience with polyamory and she provides insight into why things didn’t work out for us and advice on what we should keep in mind for the future. Just like the Lifestyle, Polyamory can have its drawbacks and Lady K assists us in identifying them and how someone could navigate them if they came up. Whether you are Polyamorous, in the Lifestyle or just curious, this show is a great introduction into gaining a better understanding of how Polyamorous relationships work!

Lady K (Lady K Coaching)
Bio: My name is Lady K- I believe in helping people. I believe everyone can benefit from a little coaching or counselling, and its okay to need help in this wild lifestyle we’re leading. My husband and I have been LS since 2012 and I’ve been hosting group workshops since 2017. I have a passion for supporting singles and couples in their journey through polyamory and open relationships. I am Lady K LS Coaching.


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