Author and sex education expert, Dr. Karen Rayne is a wealth of information and has developed specific and actionable strategies to help you talk to your kids and teens about sex and other difficult topics. In this episode, Karen and Jess discuss:

How to talk to teens about breakups, sex, sexting, risk-taking
The “one question” rule to revolutionize conversations about sex
Specific “rules” for talking to teens
10 steps to break the “hush factor” when it comes to sex
The benefits of considering yourself a “contractor” when it comes to your teen
How to ensure that your child/teen feel supported and come to you during times of need, distress and crisis
Sexting – essential rules, approaches and considerations
How to stay cool when your teen is riling you up
Considerations related to how much space and autonomy to give your teen

As Dr. Karen referenced “The Hush Factor” in today’s podcast, please see this explanatory graphic below. Follow Dr. Karen on Instagram.

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