So Many Questions!

Double Date Nation - So Many Questions!Who are other swingers?
Where do you find other swingers?
Who can we trust?
What if we don’t like it?
What if only one of us likes the swinging lifestyle?

I wish there were a simple, easy solution to answering these questions. The best way to figure these out is to step out and explore a bit. If you set up a profile on a lifestyle dating site like Double Date Nation you can anonymously browse and even flirt with potential swinger friends. Websites are a safe, non-committal approach. Keep lines of communication open between partners, and it is a good idea to go through the profiles together. It can be fun, and you tend to learn a lot about each other when doing so. Some couples designate one person to weed through profiles/messages and then share the best choices that they have chosen; this works as well. You will find what works for you and your partner. 

If you are feeling more adventurous, stepping out to an event or club is another option. Most of the more popular events and clubs allow for newbies to keep to themselves a bit if they choose. Security is typically very tight, so if for any reason anybody crosses a line, they are asked to leave. 

There is no way to fail-proof your approach to entering the swinging lifestyle, some things you have to experience on your own. If you want to remove the stress of seeing people that you know, arrange a weekend getaway in a town where there is little to any chance that you will bump into an acquaintance. 

Podcasts are a great way to get insight into other people’s faux pas in the swinging lifestyle. There are so many great podcasts that give good advice and sexy stories of their adventures in the swinging lifestyle. Podcasts tend to develop a large following, and some even have their communities (i.e. We Gotta Thing) and Meet and Greet events. There are so many podcasters in fact that there is now an event dedicated to ten podcasters in May 2020 call Podcast-A-Palooza (PCAP) in Miami, Florida. PCAP is a great event to allow listeners to meet and mingle with podcasters that share such intimate parts of their lives with others. Lifestyle podcasters are all so very different; it is easy to find one that you prefer. The great thing about the lifestyle is that it truly is a melting pot of personalities, backgrounds, and appearances.


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