Show 62: Our Last Show!!!

We are in the final days of 2019. It is only a few days before we welcome a completely new decade, 2020, into our lives. To celebrate we have curated a very special show with you. Join us this week as we take an intimate look at our lives over the last year and an inspiring look at what is to come for us. 2019 has been filled with many highs and had its share of lows. Typically, we keep our show lifestyle education-centered with a specific topic, but this time we really wanted to share with you what has been going on in our lives and get a little more personal. We have also been blessed to travel over 40,000 km this year for Lifestyle travel and explicitly go into detail about our trips and what we feel about them now in reflection. SU, Sex Uninterrupted, has also grown and changed much over the last year and we are excited to share the plan of action that we will be taking in 2020. Get ready for things to get shaken up and for Sex Uninterrupted to glide into the future!

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