Show 53: Would you do the Lifestyle Sober?

The Lifestyle is a pretty fun place explore! You can find all-inclusive resorts that are clothing optional, extraordinary four-day events with bar takeovers and evening balls and nightclubs that are designed to encourage flirting, fun and sex! You really can find a good time! And with all the partying and festivity there is one common denominator – booze! Do you think you’d be able to do it all sober? Is booze something you need to calm the nerves, relax a bit and fully experience all the “fun” the Lifestyle has to offer? We ask ourselves this question and bring two special guests who share that for them, the Lifestyle is better sober! John and Jackie Melfi from OpenLove 101 are two influential role models in the lifestyle community. This couple has created a business dedicated to providing people with advice, knowledge and support to aid them in their lifestyle journey. They open up about why they do the Lifestyle sober, how they navigate that and what their relationship looks like as a result. You won’t want to miss this eye-opening episode!

About our Guests:
Together, John and his wife Jackie have coached and counseled countless thousands in deciding if the open lifestyle is right for them. They help others by sharing their personal experiences and knowledge from what they have seen in the club. Today the Melfi’s share their time developing new clubs, coaching couples and singles, writing and serving as experts in the media.



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