Show 52: Leading a Double Life in the Lifestyle

It’s pretty common for those in the non monogamous community to lead a double life. Unfortunately this type of alternative love is not yet accepted by mainstream society and many times people run the risk of loosing their career, status or even worse – family. This can be mentally draining and in some cases, difficult to navigate. That’s why we brought two extraordinary guests onto our show today to discuss the ins and outs of leading a double life! Paige and Penn from Swinger Diaries Podcast open up about their double life and how they make it special, sexy and mysterious. We discuss some of the issues they have encountered, what life is like for them and offer their advice for those in the same boat! Tune in now!

About our Guests:
Paige & Penn (Swinger Diaries)
We are Penn & Paige, a mid-forties, professional, church-going, successful, all-American couple living in the midwest who have secretly been involved in the swinging lifestyle since 2010. As a committed, faithful, loving couple with a large family, a fulfilling 20-year marriage, & a happy, contented, sex life, after many cautious visits to the Desire Resorts in Mexico, we slowly were drawn into the wonders & challenges of swinging. We were coaxed into the lifestyle by the sincerity, charm & sex appeal. Their zest for living crept into our everyday lives & now, inspired by our many travels to see new friends, clubs, resorts & parties, we live a very closeted but active lifestyle. After experiencing dozens of mind-blowing encounters, we began recording Swinger Diaries more than 5 years ago & never wavered from our original podcasting ambitions; to memorialize our stories & to pay it forward to the timid, skeptical newbies out there because we vividly remember being the same way.
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