There can be a lot of nakedness in the lifestyle! It could happen when you are getting naughty in a play room or while enjoying a pizza on the beach in Jamaica. For many it is liberating and provides them with a sense of freedom! But for some it can be downright nerve racking and creates pangs of anxiety! So how do people do it? How do you get over baring it all? This week we are excited to share two interviews with members of the Young Swingers Week Crew to help tackle some of these insecurities. Kate Maxx and Charlie and Arienne from SexBecause each share advice when it comes to body image issues and get real with us when it comes to comparing yourself to others. We also revel our own stories about getting nude in public for the first time and how our own insecurities came into play! Hopefully by the end of this show, you will be excited to take it all off! Visit and sign up for our newsletter – we will be sharing lots of extras from our next YSW trip!!!

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