Privacy Policy Last Updated 1/1/2021

Denexus LLC, “Double Date Nation” is committed to protecting the privacy of users of its services. Questions regarding this privacy policy should be sent to Double Date Nation by contacting us via the address listed below.

Advisory of participation of underage/minor children
Protecting the privacy of children will forever remain a priority for Double Date Nation. Double Date Nation does not knowingly collect any Personal Identifying Information on our site from persons under 18 years of age, and no part of our website is directed to persons under 18. Double Date Nation will remove any personal information that identifies any person under 18 years of age and immediate steps will be taken to report activity and persons involved to authorities. We do not allow participation by any person under 18.

Registrant Information
To participate as a Member (free or paid) and to access our site, we require that you complete a registration process. During this process, you will create a username, password, verify that you are at least 18 years old, give a valid email address, city/state you want to be listed in. You will choose a username and password, which allows you to gain access to the website depending on the type of membership chosen. If your email address is not validated, your membership will not be approved. Our system identifies members based on usernames.

We do not release your Personally Identifiable Information you provide to third parties except for limited technology service providers (e.g. for processing credit cards, site tracking analytics, etc). We use reasonable efforts to limit their use of such information. We will comply with information to any legitimate law enforcement order or legal process. Double Date Nation reserves the right to disclose private information and/or identifiable information that is believed to be essential to take necessary steps against liability, to defend itself against any claims, to assist governing agencies, to protect the security of the website, and to protect the safety of the members of Double Date Nation. Specific guidelines are set forth for what is allowed to be depicted in any images that you upload onto the Website. All images will be reviewed by designated assignees of Double Date Nation in an effort to ensure member compliance with applicable laws and guidelines. By registering on Double Date Nation, members who show an interest in exchanging information with other members are subject to any Privacy Controls imposed. We limit the information provided through our system to the only one that would identify a participant in communications and other exchanges. To allow such communications, we provide information to identify individual users, in the form of Members’ username, gender, height, weight, and ability to view user profiles.

Membership Fees
Once the registration process is complete and your profile is created, you may opt to become a full member by choosing a membership package and paying the fee associated. Members that are “free” have less access to profiles, selfie wall, events, groups, etc. Double Date Nation processes electronic payments by submitting billing information that you provide on our Site to a third-party electronic processing vendor. All billing information given to our third-party vendor is intended solely to allow the processing of payment. Our third-party vendor is PCI Compliant.

Deleting Information
If requested, your name and other personally identifiable information will be removed from our database. Some of the stored information may be impossible to remove completely, due to the system and/or server backups. In addition, we may keep information in order to comply with applicable laws, or for any other legal purpose.

Anything posted or published on our site is visible by other members. Double Date Nation takes security and privacy seriously and takes great effort to safeguard and preserve the integrity and security of all private/identifiable information within our site. This attempt does not offer a guarantee that such information may not be breached or accessed by a lapse in such security. Understand that posting or transmitting your information to our site must be done so at your own risk. Please choose carefully what information you post to your member profile and any information that you provide to other members. Be cautious if you choose to include information that personally identifies you, such as your telephone number, street address, last name, email address, texting app handle, and/or any images that identify you or your location.

Changes in Policy
We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy. If we decide to change this Privacy Policy we will post changes here in the form of an updated Privacy Policy. Continued use of our service with the Double Date Nation site constitutes your agreement to this privacy notice and any future modifications.

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