43: Ep. 43: Of Course It Turned Into an Orgy

1. We celebrate Richard's birthday bash at our 2nd Third Annual Flirty (or) Down & Dirty Villa Party. Richard jumps right inside someone who does NOT want to have a swinger baby with him. 2. Lauren goes for another round of ‘bouncy mattress sex’,

42: Ep. 42: Our First Dallas Swinger Vortex

- We borrow coats and mittens and head to Dallas for the polar vortex to get naked at our first event stateside. - We use the ‘ol “stuck elevator” routine to get some Dallas firemen to our party. Lauren is unable to convince them to stay and pl...

41: Ep. 41: Our Last Big Penis Story

We pack our bags and forget to bring our swinger pro cards for a night out on the town. Richard is forced to abort his “Puppy Playtime” tactics. We dive into a six-some and there's a lot of slapping going on! Surrounded by giant cocks,

40: Ep. 40: Sex, Drugs & 80s Rock N Roll

We've been out of luck and having to resort to finding couples online like we used to in the olden days. Richard defines what "giving a like" on a swinger profile and a few types profiles we often run into.

39: Ep. 39: Eat Dat Azz

We get an update on Lindsey, the female Richard has been eying at the gym. Instead of flirting, this time he helps the local economy. We talk about butt eating and then Richard forces Lauren to do it while recording so she can remember why she never...

37: Ep. 37: Category Sex

- We break our dry spell with some sexy play with our favorite friends and we learn that Richard tried to blow himself. - Our sex toys were lost in Mexico's mail, forcing us to wait until now to dive into our new Lickerish Love toys and video it f...

36: Ep. 36: Hogtied and Swinging

We're back and our swinger game is lacking swagger despite all of the recent visitors. Richard blames it on his beard while Lauren's getting sage for a genital cleansing ceremony. Richard squirms some more as we interview our very own naughty nurse ...

35: Ep. 35: We Had A Good Ride

- We have a two-person “threesome” and Richard's fear of being a bottom surfaces. - Richard gets kidnapped and goes for a night swim and takes a bite of vanilla against his better judgement all while inventing a new Kama Sutra position. -