Podcast-A-Palooza Encore Swingers Event Recap

Cate goes Solo and talks about Podcast-A-Palooza Encore Dallas in a PCAP Recap Episode 

What are the highlights and lowlights of a Swingers Event?

Firstly we start off with a cultural tid bit about prostitution in Turkey as Cate gets caught in a 24 hour layover in the Istanbul airport. 

Then get ready for the highlights and lowlights of Podcast-A-Palooza Encore held in Dallas, Texas this November 2021. This was a 3 night 4 day full hotel takeover with 76 couples on site and 5 podcast hosts. 

Cate shares her top highlights which include Mankini’s, Shibari, Being Witty and why you NEED to hire external security at the swingers club. 

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