Naughty in N’awlins – P26

In this episode we chat about our take on Naughty in N’awlins!!  C talks about our attempt on personal DP, it ended well ish 🙂   D gets to know the perils of a large event and also time away from each other – the hard way!   If you want to know more about…
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This conversation with Bre is amazing! It’s full of energy, love, and great vibes! Bre is in her mid-thirties and has done a bit of it all… She’s explored swinging, poly, kink, and even did a burlesque performance at her baby shower! We talk about it…

Swingers Lifestyle Confidence with Expansive Connection

How can we have more confidence in the swingers lifestyle? 
We all say that confidence in swinger couples is sexy but how just one ‘just be confident’? 
In today’s episode we’re coving all about being confident and having confidence in the swingers lifes…