Mind Your Manners – Part Two

Double Date Nation - Mind Your Manners - Part Two“The world was my oyster, but I used the wrong fork.”
~Oscar Wilde

I was not brought up in a fancy, upscale environment. I could still use some polishing. Nobody taught me which fork was necessary, because there was always only one available! However, I was taught to treat others with respect regardless of their position in a situation. In the swinging lifestyle, this still applies, if not more than in everyday life. When you meet with another couple or single for a potential play scenario, remember to compliment. Being a little old fashioned is still a thing, for me anyway. This goes for both men and women. Everyone loves to be told they are attractive or are desired. Most people are nervous on a date or in a swinging scenario, and kindness goes a long way. 

Manners are great, however, don’t forget your partner too! If you are caught up in only complimenting the potential playmate, your partner may feel left out. Also, do not forget to be polite and considerate to the partner of your potential playmate. Nobody can be left out. Everyone needs equal respect or things can be easily misconstrued. So make sure to distribute your good manners evenly. 

After a date, whether there was or wasn’t play, a follow-up message is a nice gesture. Just a quick message to say thanks, or ‘we had a great time’ or to check to see if everyone made it home safely. These types of gestures may seem like common sense, but you may be surprised at how this can easily be neglected. Don’t overthink it, treat these scenarios just like you would if it were dinner with vanilla friends. You would likely make sure everyone arrived home safely, right? Or thank them for buying drinks? This is no different; if anything, it is more necessary. 

If you are at a lifestyle house party, clean up after yourself. Throw your garbage away, clean up after yourself. Don’t leave used condoms on the floor, clean up after yourself. Keep in mind this is someone’s home, and there are not likely to be paid attendants to clean up like in a lifestyle club

In the swinging lifestyle, you are incorporating others into a part of your life that is very intimate and private. Keep that in the back of your mind, and you will likely be very successful at keeping good lifestyle friends for a very long time!



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