Welcome to our FIFTH Weed & Wine Wednesday! This means we have paused our regular SU Show for 10 weeks – which is why we are announcing this will be our last Covid live! After this show, we will be going back to our regularly recorded show with interviews, guests and more! As this is our last live (for now) – we have some special topics planned for you. We start with sharing our lessons learned since our last show. What have we discovered about ourselves? What about our relationship? Next we switch gears and talk about how covid is shaping relationships as a whole. We no longer have the outlets available that helped us to avoid issues that were present in our relationship. No more girls/guys nights out, no more weekend getaways to look forward to and smooth things over (or distract us). We are staying home and being forced to come face to face with issues while a pandemic drags on. And for some, it hasn’t been easy. Which brings us to our next topic, how Covid is shaping the Lifestyle. Some clubs are opening, some resorts are preparing for guests in 2 weeks – but will it ever be the same? Do these safety measures mean the “before time Lifestyle” will only be fond memories for the years to come? Look forward to more info about this and more in today’s show!

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