We are our fourth Weed & Wine Wednesday! We decided that until we are able to get our Lifestyle life back on track, we would pause our show and instead do a Live series called Weed & Wine Wednesday’s. AND we have some pretty exciting announcements to make on our show tonight! On our live today we want to share what our new plan is for Sex Uninterrupted going forward. If you haven’t heard already, for most of April we were in talks with Patreon as they disabled our account. It was a very challenging time and brought about a lot of emotions and discussions about the future of Sex Uninterrupted. Patreon is what supported our business and what funded this show, our blog, travel, videos and all the free stuff we provide daily. Without it, it is difficult for us to continue doing what we do. We are happy to annouce we found a better path for Sex Uninterrupted and are excited to share this with you on our show today! As well, we plan on doing a lessons learned segment where we share the things we are learning about ourselves and our relationship during the pandemic. This actually encouraged us to create a 31 Day Intimacy Challenge that we have been sharing on social media and doing ourselves. Look forward to more info about this and more in today’s show!

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