LIVE SU SHOW 07: Weed & Wine Wednesday #2 | A COVID-19 SU Special

For the second time in a row we are pausing our regularly scheduled shows to bring you this special live instead. We decided that until we are able to resume our show and get our “Lifestyle Life” back on track, we would instead do a live series called Weed & Wine Wednesday’s. We both love our weed, Taara loves her wine and we thought this would be a great way to stay virtually connected with our community! This week we want to share some of the things we are learning as we navigate these strange times. Conflict and disagreements have a possibility of being more common right now and we wanted to share some tools we are learning to help navigate when this happens. Another thing we have put a lot of focus into lately are our rituals and routines. They have become increasingly important to us since many of the ones we had in place are being put on hold or changed. We share some new ones we are exploring and suggestions on how to re-create new ones of your own. Finally we wrap up with answering viewer questions.


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