Lifestyle Definitions


Lifestyle is often referred to as the swinger community as a whole. However the term ‘Lifestyle’ actually encompasses more than just swinging, it includes all groups of people that are sexually open-minded.

Full Swap

A couple that fully trades spouses, for all activities that evening including intercourse.

Same Room

Same room possible full swap as long as everyone is in the same room. It may also mean having sex in a room with another couple, each with their own partner, but have the ability to touch and watch one another.


Couples or singles new to the lifestyle.


Non-swinger involved events or people. Anything not associate with the lifestyle would be considered vanilla. Anything event or person considered vanilla would likely not allow or tolerate talk about swinging or sex positive discussions.

Hall Pass

Individuals that have permission to play with another person or couple on their own away and separate from their partner.


No sexual interaction with the men, bisexual female play only.


Single male that is available for NSA experience. The term Bull, leads to the assumption that they are well endowed.


Someone that is sexually aroused by watching others engage in sexual activity.


Bondage, Discipline, & SadoMasochism.


A sexual situation where 2 women (often bisexual) will have sex with one man.


Someone that enjoys being watched while engaging in sexual activity or nudity.


No strings attached. This means there is no emotional involvement or expectation during or after a sexual experience.