JKS 47 Spanksgiving

JKS 47  Spanksgiving

Yet another catch-up episode. But you probably knew that already.
We touch on our Holiday activities & our future plans and we finally had intercourse after a Marital Meltdown.
We give you a few tips about attending PCAP2022.https://podcast-a-palooza.com/
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I want to preface this by saying that you will often hear people say that you need a really strong relationship to be in the lifestyle & that the LS can break your marriage if you have any cracks in your relationship.
Although this may have some truth in it, I assure you that NO marriage is perfect & that often the troubles have 0% to do with Swinging.
The point is that marriage is a ton of work for many & there needs to be a willingness to do the hard work needed to keep it afloat.


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Fascinated about swinging and other kinds of open or sex positive relationships?
Go listen to our friends at Normalizing Non Monogamy podcast. Join their community.

and…Bawdy Storytelling podcast https://bawdystorytelling.com/podcast

Other notes: We recommend watching Embarrassing Bodies & Big Mouth on Netflix for relaxing the grip of stigma, fear and poor sexual & relationship education. 

Have you or a loved one contracted Herpes or another STI and are looking for resources on coping with your diagnosis? Search IG for Courtney Brame from the Podcast & Non-Profit “Something Positive for Positive People”. 
A resource for fighting stigma and shame, while finding community & emotional healing for people living with Herpes & other STIs.visit https://www.spfpp.org/

Other notes: We recommend watching Embarrassing Bodies, Big Mouth & Sex Education on Netflix for relaxing the grip of stigma, fear and poor sexual & relationship education. 
Other resources to consider…American Sexual Health association- ASHAsexualhealth.org @infoASHAThe- nationalcoalitionforsexualhealth.org @NCSH_stdcheck.com @STDcheckmylabbox.com  letsgetchecked.comgettested.cdc.gov


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