JKS 20 – pt2 OUR LIFE & The Swingset
Part 2 of our discussion with Cooper goes into some deeper & pricklier topics that we just scratch the surface on.
Topics include choosing monogamy, Church & religion, rights, marginalization, building community, being a beacon & standing up for others and parenting a generation of “woke” children.
We still don’t have well defined opinions on some of the issues we talked about but it was good to have an open discussion with someone who does.
Although you may listen and think we are just members of SAS..[Swingset Adoration Society] ;)
Mrs. Sting and I came away from this with a few new perspectives and a few topics for further discussion & contemplation, and we hope you do to.
You can find Cooper all over the place just search Cooper S. Beckett.
Read about being a beacon at LifeontheSwingset.com https://www.lifeontheswingset.com/27340/be-a-beacon/
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