JKS 18 Camping & Burners & Bare..OH MY!

Just Keep Swinging Swinger Podcast.

JKS-18 Camping & Burners & Bare…OH MY!

What do you get when you combine tent camping with Burning Man and Nudists? Two brand new experiences for the Stings!

This month we go on an outdoor adventure with a great couple and some of their friends from Burning Man! Usually when you think camping with another couple you imagine fireside fun with a bit of wiener eating and maybe S’more!
Nothing that mundane for the Stings!

We learn about Nudism, Roman Mythology, Silent Discos and Flogdancing©
(And how romantic Mr. Sting is after 31 years of marriage.)

Thank you to all who interact with us on twitter & have taken the time to rate us.
Our recent episodes, *17 Swirling Hotwife ? about solo play and *15 The Big D about avoiding divorce, had huge increases in downloads! Thank You!

Sorry, this is a bit of a SEX-DRIVE episode so there will be a lot of background noise from bumpy roads to camp neighbors and car alarms… but nothing that drowns out our (my) talking ;)


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