Jealousy v. Envy – EP28

Swinging can bring up all kinds of feelings and jealousy and envy are definitely two of them.  What is Jealousy?  What is Envy?  You may find yourself experiencing these emotions in the lifestyle and not know how to interpret or resolve them.  Both emotions have positive and negative effects with jealousy having some biological reasons too!  Introspection and open, honest communication is key when swinging with your partner in the lifestyle.


  1. Jealousy Defined
    1. Negative Attributes
    2. Positive Attributes
  2. Envy Defined
    1. Negative Attributes
    2. Positive Attributes
  3. Jealousy in Society
  4. Envy in Society
  5. Jealousy As Biology
  6. Listener Email


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