Interview with OnlyAndi

Written By: Jessica Barton

I recently had the opportunity to interview Andi, from the OnlyAndi brand. Andi is a content creator and is prominent on my social media platforms. She has a strong following on TikTok with 298k followers, Twitter 90k and Instagram 167k. She is considered a social media influencer based on her engagement with her followers and response via her social accounts. Andi first started her online presence in April of 2021 with a fan page promoting open minds and recognizing opportunities. She has a medical background of over 20 years and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Human Services. She asserts that she has found her voice since turning 40. She was extremely awkward, insecure, and introverted her entire life, now she is open to meeting new people and experiences. 

Andi was born in southern Michigan and moved around often. She found herself in the middle of new surroundings and often the new kid on the block. This led to her feeling awkward and withdrawn. “I never wanted to be seen”, claims Andi. “I wanted to blend in and avoided attention at all costs”. “The funny thing is, I never knew I would be in the limelight doing the exact opposite of what I thought I wanted.”

She began to feel more comfortable as an adult when she met her husband who encouraged her to pursue her dreams. He also pushed her to get out of her comfort zone and do things she didn’t think were possible. After their marriage, they started multiple businesses. They live in Nashville, where her husband is a native. 

In 2021, Andi decided to take a leap of faith and launched her own personal brand. This was when Only Andi became a reality. The Only Andi brand, which focuses on confidence and sexuality, is to help others find their voices and live authentically. She believes that we are all unique and should embrace our own confidence. Andi plans to finish a book by the end of 2022, a story about overcoming adversity and expressing yourself on your own terms. Andi combines her own personal sexy fashion and sense of humor in most of her posts, reels and stories. She claims that one of her favorite things to do is laugh, so you will see the sillier side of Andi on TikTok and Instagram Reels. “I never take myself too seriously” Andi explains. “Life is too short to worry about what everyone else thinks, odds are nobody is even looking!” 

When asked how she got into the world of TikTok, Andi says it was through her friend. He told her he made videos for fun and she saw his passion for it. She had never had a TikTok account, so she had to watch tutorials just to learn the platform. She finally made an account on TikTok and started making videos. Her goal was to make videos that would make people laugh but would still be fashionable and sexy. She says, “I want to show women that they can have fun while still being confident.” Her TikTok followers rapidly increased to over 80k in just over 1 week. 

If you want a resource to learn more about how to break into the world of social media self-promotion, why she chose to create her own brand, her journey of finding her voice, and much more! Be sure to check out her website:


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