In a Perfect World

Double Date Nation - In a Perfect WorldWe don’t live in a perfect world and we never will. The reality of perfection is so out of the realm of possibility; we wouldn’t recognize it if it slapped us on the butt. But I digress, in a perfect world we wouldn’t feel chastised for expressing ourselves as we wanted. Society places such an intense amount of pressure on conformity. You must look happy in all pictures and have a happy dog. The problem is that nobody in these prepped, filtered and photo-shopped feeds are a reality. If we could only see, hear or even smell what was happening as the subject was taking the ‘perfect’ picture. I can only imagine and screaming baby, burning mac and cheese or Jerry Springer playing in the background. The picture that presents to the world is a beautiful person, with flawless skin and most importantly is ‘beyond blessed’ as stated in the thread below the picture of eloquent bullshit. Why do we fall into this trend? The same thing goes for decisions about our personal life.

I fully respect discretion and understand that a breach of privacy can quite literally ruin a person’s life. For the brave who step outside the box of what is ‘normal,’ whether it be an open relationship, bisexuality, or even just being a nudist, it is not an easy road. The journey may be well worth the work involved in keeping it suppressed and hidden for those who would judge us, but it may not be. That is a decision that only an individual can make for themselves. Anytime you put yourself ‘out there’ you can be found out, albeit unlikely. If you are diving into something ‘taboo’ with your partner, you need to have open conversation about the possibility of ‘what if.’

People are evolving with every new generation, but not fast enough. To maintain your sanity and acceptance from your family coming out in the open is not an option for most people. Most of friends in my generation were told what we believe and expected to carry those beliefs to the next generation, whether we agree or not.

In a perfect world, we could be, well, ourselves. Conformity is exhausting and emotionally debilitating. The state of constant fear of judgment keeps may people from ever experiencing their true fantasies or even curiosities. The world is diverse and required conformity sucks. I believe that we all have a right to privacy and should be respected while respecting others. Someday I dream that people are just people, not classified by color, age, belief, sexuality or economic status.

In a perfect world….


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