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The advice that women get is always available and usually free. Be courageous and strong. You are beautiful, so own your insecurities. It’s so easy, right? Not so much. 

It does take a certain amount of strength and confidence to be a part of the swinging lifestyle. It takes courage to be part of something that is so easily judged by others. Who gets to decide what is best for you, besides you? Who gets the right to define you? Manifesting your path is easier said than done, but certainly not impossible. 

When you are describing yourself, whether it be in your head or to another person, do you speak kindly about yourself? What is your voice? What voice gets to come into your mind and set up shop? It seems so easy to change a negative dynamic that is often ingrained in us from childhood. The world tends to set a standard, and we try to meet up to it, thus living a life that someone else chose for us. Life is short, and you will not get out of it alive, so why not live it to the fullest as your true self? 

You may not even know who you are or what you want. It takes time to study your feelings, desires, and personality.  You are not the sum total of what your childhood, education, credentials, children, and partner make you. Real-life requires us to exemplify appropriate behavior; this is obvious. However, defining who you are when you are alone or with other peers of like-mindedness is very different. 

Ask yourself, why do you have an interest in consensual non-monogamy? Do you have an interest in having an open relationship? Why? If you feel that you are doing it for your partner, that is probably a train wreck waiting to happen. If you are intrigued, and fluid with the idea and it excites you, then it can be life-changing. 

Approaching a new sexual experience can be scary, but remember that you are in control of your choices and your own body. Explore and reveal those hidden layers that have been so suppressed for so long. Most likely, you will find yourself energized and ready to play again. The feeling is hard to describe, but it is very freeing and exciting. 

If you are living out the norms of life like everyone else, maybe it is time to dig a bit deeper into finding out who the amazing woman that you are meant to be and get to know her. Letting loose from time to time with your partner can be one of the most invigorating things you do for yourself and your relationship. Having an open relationship isn’t for everyone, so proceed with caution. However, I have met many women that were very skeptical at first and loved the openness and judgment-free feeling of being honest with who they are. 

I think if you are interested in the swinging lifestyle or not, every woman needs to take the time to explore who they are truly meant to be. Life is too short to be a chameleon, figure out what makes you happy and live the life you were given, you will only have one shot.