Hedonism II

Double Date Nation - Hedonism IIRecently we were fortunate enough to visit Hedo II in Negril, Jamaica. For Dave and I, this was our first trip, and we were not sure what to expect. Anytime that you visit a clothing-optional resort-like Hedo, it always makes it much easier when you know people at the resort when you arrive. Having friends around can help ease the anxiety of the unknown. When we arrived, we checked in and took a tour of the resort. There is a ‘prude’ side and a ‘nude’ side. There are pools scattered around the resort, with people at like any vanilla resort. The ‘nude’ side is a bit more lively, music and more people in general. There is a grill and a bar on the nude side for snacks and unlimited drinks and shots. Our room was located on the ‘prude’ side, which was on the opposite side of the resort, so we had to walk a reasonable distance even to get to the main dining hall. There is a buffet for the three main meals daily, and there are areas that you can get midday or late-night snack. The food was good, and the dining area was clean. The Hedo staff works quickly to get you what you need or request. The beach area was kept clean, as they rake it each morning to keep the influx of seaweed down. The ‘prude’ side is quiet and pleasant if you want to relax and take in some sunshine or read a book in peace. The pools were attended regularly and kept clean. 

The shows at night started at 9 pm, and they had a wide range of entertainment nightly. We saw aerial shows, dancers, singers and fire shows on the beach. There is a theme night each night; similarly to other resorts, there are people that go all out and dress to theme and others that don’t at all.

The trip from the airport was around an hour and a half, we booked through ‘Sun Holiday,’ and it was a seamless process. It was an air-conditioned bus with other attendees going to Hedo. I would highly recommend them and arranging your transport when you book your trip. It can be a bit overwhelming when you arrive, as it is very crowded and customs can be stressful. There is another option, ‘Club Mobay,’ that helps you expedite the process through customs and then guides you toward your transportation to the resort. This did cost a bit more, but we heard nothing but good things about using their service. We will likely go with Club Mobay in the future just to get through customs a bit faster. 

Other than going to Ivans restaurant (which was amazing!), we stayed on the resort. There is plenty to do within the resort from yoga to dance parties. The staff did a great job! This feedback from our trip, we have our trip planned for next year and are excited to visit again!


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