A review of one of the fabulous swinger events in Northern California produced by Allures with DJ Black Ice.  A unique, sexy and sensual swing lifestyle experience that draws new and long-time swingers for dancing, and on-premise play.  www.Allureslifestyle.com

  1. Getting Ready:  “The first part about getting ready for any event whether a drink date or party, is to primp, prune and pluck.”
  2. Setting the Scene: The Hotel and Event description

  3. Fun & Sexy Things: How our night went and some of the fun we had


 Show Notes

  1. ABC Party (Allures): Hotel Event
  2. Handsome and Beautiful: Days in Advance!
    1. Get to Know Your Neighbors
  3. Staycation: Arrive Early
  4. Setting the Scene: Dance, Boom Boom Room, S&M Area
  5. Security/Safety/Privacy
  6. Sexy Fun People