Erections, Orgasms & More! Advice from a Pelvic Floor Specialist

Got sexual and pelvic health questions? We’ve got answers! Dr. Rachel Gelman, Doctor of Physical Therapy and pelvic floor specialist returns to answer your questions related to sex, pleasure and pelvic floor functioning including:

  • What is bumper sex?
  • What can I do about leaking when I laugh?
  • How do bowel movements affect pelvic floor function and sexual response?
  • Why is anal pleasure so much hotter after my second child?
  • What causes painful erections and how do you treat them?
  • How do you promote stronger erections — for penises & clitorises?
  • How does sitting at your desk all day affect sexual functioning?
  • Why does oral feel so good after childbirth?
  • How can changing the way you breathe promote pelvic floor function?

Learn more about Dr. Rachel Gelman at and follow her on social:
IG: @pelvichealthsf
twitter: @rachelgdpt
FB: @pelvicwellpt

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