Episode 68: When is asking not sexy? And other complicated questions about consent.

Topic of the day:
Bomber and Belle talk about where podcast-a-palooza sits in the limitless lifestyle events you might be considering attending. They also go into the gray areas of consent in the lifestyle and beyond.
Hitlist: June Diane Raphael & Alexis Floyd

Show notes—

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Tribe Chat: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCosg3Ug0sTKTF8XW9nmhLNw

Wanderlust Swingers: https://beacons.ai/wanderlustswingers

Ask: Building a culture of consent by Kitty Stryker

We gotta thing podcast: https://wegottathing.com/

S.T.O. The Smoker’s Lounge: https://anchor.fm/smokethisova

Swinger University: http://swingeruniversity.com

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