Episode 61: Why we don’t F*CK our vanilla friends

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Livin the Suite Life https://www.iheart.com/podcast/269-livin-the-suite-life-podca-47834483/

Felicia Pearson
Elliot Knight

Topic of the day: 5 reasons we don’t play with vanilla couple friends
1. Friends could be unfamiliar with crucial LS knowledge and norms
2. A bad play session with friends can start to erode even the best of friendships
3. Jealousy could complicate your friend’s relationship, especially if the play is only good for one of them.
4. The line between intimacy and sex can get blurred with people you have a trusting friendship with
5. Future hangouts may come with new unwanted expectations and pressures to play

Facebook Fuckshit: Being in a poly relationship with one’s parents is not poly.

Bombers Bougie Broadcast: The undeniable diversity of judgement free zones, and what they all have in common

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