We hope that you are all continuing to stay safe during this COVID-19 pandemic.  Like you, we are still practicing social distancing and our lifestyle activities have remained at a halt.  We have been doing our best to keep our romance alive with sexy nights alone together and shared chats with friends using teleconferencing.   We hope you’ll enjoy some stories from the end of last summer when we first moved out to Washington state. In this episode, we highlight two couples that we met. The first introduces us to a fun new sex move that we hadn’t even heard of before, “The Amazon”. The second couple, Ben & Yvette join us on the podcast to help tell the story of when we first met them and ended up…well, you’ll have to listen and find out. We laugh our way through this episode and hope that it will bring a smile to your faces. We hope you enjoy, and thanks again for supporting us!!   Mentioned: Audio Desires