It’s our 50th episode!!  We spent the first 49 on the East Coast (mostly) but in this episode we leave the East Coast orgy scene behind and strike out for new adventures in the Pacific Northwest.    We begin with the story of a failed blowjob challenge from Adam & Belle from the Swinging Outside the Lines podcast.  We then tell you about some new couples who welcomed us to the West Coast when we came out to do some house-hunting.  They say there’s a thing called the “Seattle Freeze” but our experiences have been much…warmer.  All the sexy details follow.  There’s no Kay’s Corner on this episode (we need your questions!) but we did add some behind-the-scenes audio that will give you insight into our Top Secret pseudonym generation process.   

We hope you enjoy, and thanks again for supporting us for 50 Episodes!!


Swinging Outside the Lines 

Travel News:

Club Privata 16 NOV 2019

Temptation 14-17 FEB 2020 (see below for discount code)

Desire 17-21 FEB 2020

Join us at Club Privata in Portland, Oregon on NOV 16 as we celebrate our birthdays and are joined by Adam & Belle From the Swinging Outside the Lines podcast!