Episode 38: Season Finale: Getaways, Halloween Parties, and Wishes for 2020

The Bomber’s Dirty Spades Game Rules

Rules: Assumes 2 couples
Men against women
No bags
Underbidding may allow other team to reverse score
Any action can be substituted with a dare

First person to cut gets a kiss from the other team members.
Win more books (losers remove article of clothing or dare if already naked)
Win ten books (lap dance from opposite team members)
First to win 100 points (losers caress private parts with hands for 30 seconds), 200 points (loser caress a private part with mouth for a 30 seconds). 300 (oral sex for the winners for 30 seconds)
Win (full body massage from losing team for 3 full minutes on each side)

music credit
Ryan Little
Kick Push


See amourgetaways.com for more information for latest events.


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