Ep. 13 Self-Pleasure! (aka: Every Lady Deserves to a little Menage a Moi)

Women spend hundreds of dollars on potions and pills to feel and look better, when all we really need to do is masturbate and wear sunscreen!

We put the fun in fundamentals with a deep dive into the topic of female masturbation. Masturbation is a way to tap into your desires or get excited for some partnered play. Plus, it is the ultimate in self-care!  

First, you will definitely want to mix up our specialty cocktail, the Menage a Moi when listening to this episode’s Hot Tales! First, Kat and Mr. Kat are hosting a sexy playdate when an unwanted visitor shows up. Next, Ams reports back on her Impact Play homework with a super-hot night on the spanking bench. 

Next, the Wives discuss the benefits of masturbation…everything from improving partnered sex to clearing up your complexion!  Ams set a goal of masturbating without using toys and Kat decides to flick-the-bean in public.  

Finally, the Wives interview journalist and essayist Haley Swanson about the Six Benefits to Masturbation That Will Convince You to Do it More. 

We love our listeners and we want to hear from you!  Call the 2HotWives voicemail at 571-310-3829 and share your favorite hot tales and sexy stories. Or ask us questions.  We may feature you on the show! 

Featured on this episode:

Podcast A Palooza

Front Porch Swingers

Haley Swanson

The Six Benefits of Masturbation

Wylde in Bed

Wylde Desires 

Hitachi Wand

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