Desire Pearl VS Desire RM

Double Date Nation - Desire Pearl VS Desire RMNow let’s start with this; these are both resorts that do not require nudity or even topless patrons. With that said, if you have never gone topless or nude before you may feel comfortable in doing so before you leave the resort. Our first trip was to Desire Pearl, and we were pretty much terrified. We stood at our glass door and look out at the pool where everyone seemed to be in the buff. We looked at each other and just said, “let’s do this.” The pool is larger at Pearl as well as the hot tub. There is a swim-up pool bar at both resorts which is very nice. The ‘Playmakers’ are very good at getting activities going during the days, whether it be pool volleyball or sexy games. You do not have to participate in the activities at either resort; we did not find there to be any pressure to do so. The beach at Pearl battles a lot of seaweed that gets washed up onto the beach which smells a bit. They work very hard to keep this raked and tidy. At RM, they have placed large seaweed barriers around the swimming area to prevent seaweed from coming in, and this works well.

The beach is beautiful at both resorts; RM had more cabanas by the beach. We did notice that at RM there is a designated smoking area, while at Pearl we experienced people smoking around the pool. We are pretty sensitive to smoke, so this stands out as a big plus for RM. The infamous hot tub at Pearl most definitely outshines the one at RM for a few reasons. First of all, it is very large. There is a lot of room to spread out in, and the cabanas circle the perimeter of the hot tub. It is also just a few steps up from the sidewalk near the pool. At RM the hot tub is significantly smaller, and you go up about a flight and a half of steps to get there. There are only three cabanas directly at the hot tub, and there are some off to the side. I am not a fan of the stairs mostly because I am the clumsiest person on the planet, but they are a slippery, marble type of material. So when you are leaving you are typically somewhat tipsy or worse, and wet…not in a sexy way! I feel like my impending doom is falling from the top of those stairs down!

The rooms are very small at RM; we were lucky enough to have an oceanfront room. However, you share your balcony with your neighbor. Don’t get me wrong; this can be very convenient if you have sexy neighbors, but not so fun if you want to drink coffee on the balcony early in the morning! There are four sexy rooms called ‘The Villa’s’ that have a private pool and hot tub, these were two-story rooms that were very sexy. The rooms at Pearl were a bit more spacious but dated.

I liked the restaurants at RM better, they seemed to be updated and have a better selection of food than at Pearl. During the day you can access a buffet at both resorts for lunch/snacks.

The staff is amazing at both resorts, hands down. They go out of their way to accommodate you and see to your every need. There are perks to both resorts, and they are both worth a visit. Ultimately it depends on who is there when you go. Have fun!



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