Dating vs. Hit & Quit – EP15

 Dating couples in the swing lifestyle has advantages and disadvantages.  Some couples prefer to hit and quit.  Depending on your swing style, dating as a couple is more challenging than dating as a single person, because the dynamics are four times as complex.  Getting four people to agree on a date, show up, experience a great vibe all around, and be on the same page…well, it gets complicated!  Whether you put in the time or not, couple dating can be rewarding and so can hit and quit depending on your swinging taste.


  1. Advantages to Dating
    1. Better Sex
    2. Tips for Success
    1. Time Consuming
    2. First Date – Never at you house
  2. Disadvantages to Dating
    1. Off Night
    2. No Vibe
  3. Hit and Miss
    1. One Night Stand
    2. Check List
    3. Hall Pass
  4. Hit and Quit
  5. Gratitude and Thanks


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