What are people in the swinging lifestyle community doing in times like the coronavirus pandemic? What are clubs and resorts doing to address the safety of their patrons? What are you doing to make sure that you are safe? These are all the questions looming around this serious health concern in our world today.
The media tends to provoke fear when it is unnecessary; however, the pandemic has proven itself to be very serious. Some people started making plans when the news first launched information on COVID-19, others waited until the authorities mandated restrictions.

Clubs had a decision to make, and this decision was whether or not to continue the revenue stream or to close the doors considering their health as well as their members.
Those in the swinging lifestyle tend to attend events and parties that include large groups. When the behavior of these events is considered, this could be a potential breeding ground for spreading this harmful virus. Many people in the swinging lifestyle greet others that they know with a kiss, lots of hugs, and close dancing. This has affected how these businesses thrive. Once this situation is under control, it is crucial for those in the swinger lifestyle to rally these businesses to help them to rebound after such a severe impact.

Many lifestyle businesses deal with scrutiny from local governments without the issue of a global virus. It is typically a fight to remain open to provide a safe and sexy place for those of us in the lifestyle to congregate. It is easy to assume that these establishments are similar to any other business, but most of the time, that is not true. There is a lot of work and many struggles for these businesses to even remain in business at all. Keep this in mind when the restrictions are lifted, and it is safe to resume normal activities again by supporting your lifestyle clubs.
So what are those in the lifestyle doing to be around others of like-mindedness? Technology does help with this task. Many people are using an online portal such as Google Hangouts, Skype, or Facetime, to catch up with friends. This can be as simple as chatting, or some may even find this technology as a creative way to get sexy too.

The most important thing to remember is, as exciting as the swinger lifestyle can be, safety is always most important. As tempting as it may be to arrange a date, maybe it’s a good time to hold off. Take this time to educate yourself on new places to check out, make some weekend plans for a few months out. Update your profiles on dating sites (like Double Date Nation!), set up a sexy photoshoot for some new pictures to post. Order some sexy costumes or lingerie online. Take advantage of this time at home to focus on reconnecting with your partner if you live together. The lifestyle isn’t going anywhere; it’s growing at a rapid rate; it will still be here when it’s safe again. Just think about all of that pent up sexual energy when it does!