Commercial Conversation #42

The Editors return this week to talk about crowdsourcing architecture and Arcbazar, a construction-site minibar, city population growth, and tips for startup firms. The Editors are Gary L. Parr, editorial director of Commercial Building Products magazine, and Paul Nutcher, editor of Roofing Florida magazine.

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Crowdsourcing architecture
Crowdsourcing Design: The End of Architecture, or a New Beginning?, Michael Crosbie,
Arcbazar website.

Construction site minibar
US LBM’s Biggest ’15 Deal Will Be For Its Soul, Craig Webb, ProSales magazine”

Growing cities
New Census data: Selective city slowdowns and the city-suburb growth gap, William Frey, senior fellow, Metropolitan Policy Program, Brookings Institution”

Advice for startups
Up and Running: Words of Advice for Young Firms, Nate Berg, Architect Magazine”



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