The Margin of Error in the Lifestyle-Keep it Realistic

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In my opinion, we should all have well-defined boundaries. Despite having discussed several scenarios and experiences with our partner, unforeseeable events can and likely, will arise. For instance, close friends of mine have a ‘no kissing’ rule. They do engage in full swap, but they do not kiss other people on the mouth. In one circumstance, they were in an intense sexual experience. There was a lot of chemistry and a good four-way connection. In the heat of the moment, the female member of the opposite couple planted a kiss right on the male member of the no kissing club. He reciprocated the kiss and did not turn away. Later he explained that he was caught up in the moment and did not want to disturb the energy.  The problem was that his wife saw this happen and became very upset and stopped all play immediately and left the room. He had a split second to make a choice, and he ultimately made the wrong one. Ground rules and [...]