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How is Swinging Different from Cheating?

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Picture it; I am enjoying my self-mixed vodka and orange juice at a lifestyle club recently. I am approached by a woman that made sure that I knew first thing that she was only there because her crazy friends dared her to go after happy hour. I introduced myself sensing her discomposure, assuming that she could use a friend.  I asked her what her thoughts were about our surroundings at that point. She told me that she couldn’t possibly understand how what ‘these people’ were taking part in is not considered cheating. Cheating? I was taken back a bit, and I guess I have never looked at the swinging lifestyle in that way. I try to see different perspectives, so I continued with the conversation. I asked her to give me her definition of cheating. She realized almost instantly that the definition did not fit the activities in the club that night. The words that come to mind when I define ‘cheating’ is- deception, fornication, affair. None of these [...]

Party Foul

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Here are some faux pas for swinging lifestyle etiquette, in the eyes of Admin Andi for what it’s worth.  Do NOT- Have sex in the lifestyle without using protection, ever, ever, ever. Cover it up or all bets are off.  Do NOT- Post outdated or overly photo-shopped pictures on your online profile. Why would you? Once you meet, the truth is exposed. Save everyone time, be honest up front. Don’t be so hard on yourself, you’re sexy just the way you are.  Do NOT- Lie to your spouse. Always keep clear lines of communication, the truth can hurt but lying is never acceptable.  Do NOT- Communicate with individuals that you have played with when your partner is not in the conversation. Don’t go there, unless it has been openly discussed and is acceptable to all involved.  Do NOT- Ghost people, try to let people know if you aren’t able to make a date.  Do NOT- Assume. Get consent, this goes for men and women.  Do NOT- Take one for [...]

Swinger Burnout

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It’s exciting. It’s exhilarating. It can also be exhausting. The swinger lifestyle can take a lot of time. Between answering emails, perusing profiles, Kik conversations, the list goes on and on. Too much of a good thing is not necessarily a good thing. In the early part of your open relationship journey, you can tend to be hyped up on adrenaline of the unknown. Once you are a bit more seasoned, the excitement may be more of a challenge to attain. An ideal four-way connection between couples is not easy to find, and looking for it can be even more difficult. Going out for drinks or dinner regularly only to find out that the vibe is not there can be frustrating (in more ways that one!). It takes work and patience. Many of my friends in the swinger lifestyle have ‘regulars’ that they see when they feel freaky. These are couples in the lifestyle that they have already met in the past. Steady swinger playmates eliminate the ‘work’ so [...]

I Tried to be a Chameleon

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Yes, I was raised conservatively but with blinders on. Anything that would raise a normal curiosity or question was explained to be taboo. The internet was not a thing when I was a kid, so I was left to figure it out on my own, through the vast knowledge of my friends. My parents felt that if you don’t discuss it, it won’t exist. That is not the case. I had ‘normal’ sexual curiosity since I was young. Looking back, I believe that my interest in sex was and remains a bit stronger than other women my age. I have always been drawn to the taboo, pushing the limits of the social norms and bending the rules a bit. These characteristics are why opening my marriage was like a breath of fresh air to me. Even though my subconscious was a very dirty girl, my main mindset was a forced conservative. Who would let somebody else have sex with their spouse? That would be insane. How could I be [...]