Non Monogamy


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What are people in the swinging lifestyle community doing in times like the coronavirus pandemic? What are clubs and resorts doing to address the safety of their patrons? What are you doing to make sure that you are safe? These are all the questions looming around this serious health concern in our world today. The media tends to provoke fear when it is unnecessary; however, the pandemic has proven itself to be very serious. Some people started making plans when the news first launched information on Covid-19, others waited until the authorities mandated restrictions. Clubs had a decision to make, and this decision was whether or not to continue the revenue stream or to close the doors considering their health as well as their members. Those in the swinging lifestyle tend to attend events and parties that include large groups. When the behavior of these events is considered, this could be a potential breeding ground for spreading this harmful virus. Many people in the swinging lifestyle greet others that [...]

Where Do I Find Good Advice about Non-Monogamy?

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The world of swinging or open marriage or consensual non-monogamy has evolved so much over the past five years. There are bloggers, influencers, podcasters, just to name a few that have inspired those contemplating the lifestyle.  Everybody is looking for something to enhance their life, and the lifestyle is no different. There is no ‘one size fits all’ answer for the best place to get advice for the swinging lifestyle. Give a few a try and see who resonates with your vision and personality. These outlets don’t necessarily offer advice but share their personal stories that you can draw your conclusions from. It is nice to hear a perspective from another that has been in a precarious situation. These stories can often help you NOT to get into the same precarious situation! Podcasts are typically entertaining and full of personal stories and perspectives. Some are raunchier than others, so there is a full menu to choose whose style you prefer.  Bloggers tend to be very informative and fact-based. People [...]