Breaking the ‘Chains’

Double Date Nation - Breaking the ‘Chains’Monogamy is the act of a person being married to one person at a time. Does that mean that we can still enjoy the physical touch of someone outside of that marriage? With an open mind, many couples are turning to ethical non-monogamy. Having an open relationship is the choice of opening their relationship to sex with others. Some people practice polygamy, which is more of an emotional relationship with others, that is another blog. Non-monogamous couples report that their relationships are stronger when they ‘play’ outside of just the two of them. With boundaries in place and fantasies discussed and open relationship can blossom into the ability to make fantasy real life.

Let’s start with being open-minded. If you can’t listen, without judgment to your partner’s fantasies and kinks, then non-monogamy may not be for you. You must have the ability to love them unconditionally, even when they tell you things you are not expecting. Many men hold back their bisexual curiosity because of fear of ridicule. You must make this openness a safe place.

Once you discuss what you are interested in, then you discuss what you are comfortable with doing. Starting on a swingers dating site, like Double Date Nation, is a great option to find local swingers. Double Date Nation offers a ‘no expectations’ option for those that are new to the lifestyle and want to dip their toes without feeling obligated to play right away.

Going to a swinger club is another option for easing into your non-monogamous journey. You can blend in and take in the scene from afar or jump in at your leisure. Sometimes couples will find that being in these environments is exhilarating in themselves, and just exposure to them enhances their sex life.

If, for any reason, you or your partner are not comfortable with a scenario, don’t push it. Everyone has their boundaries. There are no right or wrong answers or feelings. You must be able to communicate and never pressure each other openly. Pressure negatively changes the dynamic and can create a hostile response that can be damaging to your relationship.

Having an open relationship is meant to enhance an already good relationship. Whether you choose to play together or apart is couple dependent. Just be sure to keep communication open and reconnect post play. Some people thrive on watching their partner play, and others just want a brief but detailed synopsis of the experience. Whatever you and your partner choose to do, keep in mind that honesty and respect are of the utmost importance.

Open relationships are gaining speed; if you have an open mind, maybe it is something to explore!



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